Understand digital performance

If you’re not sure how well your digital marketing channels are working,

then i3t will show you how to measure performance.

If you’re spending money, you need to know what you’re getting in return.

The ability to track digital marketing activity makes it incredibly powerful. You can see exactly how it is performing, who your audience is and ultimately if they convert. However not every business knows how to access this powerful performance data.

All your digital assets – PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email, Website – should be closely monitored and analysed. Then businesses should take action, based on that data, in order to get the most from them. However if you’re not seeing all the data available to you, how can you make the right decisions?

How will i3t help you understand performance?

By looking at

  • what performance data you can access
  • which platforms and tools can help you see what is happening
  • how to analyse and present the information to make good decisions
  • how this will help you reach your targets