Digital Skills Training

If you want your team to have the skills to effectively manage your digital marketing,

then i3t will train them.

For many marketing teams, online advertising and sales is something that has been added to their remit, without any any training, or plans, to upskill. This can mean that online advertising, such as PPC, can be inefficient or ineffective, but businesses don’t really know why.

i3t provides the digital skills training, to help businesses optimise, manage and improve online activity themselves – rather than being dependent on a third party to do this for them.

How will i3t give your teams the right digital skills

By looking at

  • what teams already know and where the gaps are
  • what are the most effective skills and tactics required, to achieve your targets
  • whether the understanding of digital needs to be addressed across other business functions
  • providing a bespoke training programme that puts the power in your hands