To make digital marketing accessible, and easy to understand, for any business.

Digital Marketing Help

Whether you’re struggling with PPC, SEO, Social Media or your website, there are simple ways to approach seemingly complex digital marketing challenges. Digital Marketing help is available today, to fit your business.

By building “if this, then that” statements with her clients, Claire has developed an approach which helps businesses find a way to achieve their goals and, importantly, understand how they got there together.

i3t is not a digital marketing consultancy that will make you dependent on them to run your business. Imparting an understanding – handing over the knowledge – is the key difference in the ethos Claire has built at i3t. Success is when her clients grow in ability and confidence.

It’s when businesses take the baton and go on to run profitable, digital marketing, that I feel I’ve really done my job .

I wanted to focus on businesses who want to learn, who use their data to inform the strategy and who, ultimately, want to become masters of their own digital destiny.”

Claire Acum, Founder and Consultant, i3t

What does this mean for your business?

It means the “if onlys“, that you haven’t been able to solve, can become reality. They become “if this, then that” statements. Working with i3t means you get a solution and, more importantly, the knowledge to drive your website and digital channels forward. You will be given the keys to continue to drive your digital marketing yourself.