i3t is a digital marketing consultancy whose expertise is delivered by Claire Acum, a qualified and award-winning digital marketing professional.

Claire Acum digital marketing consultant
Claire Acum
Founder and Consultant

Based in East Yorkshire, Claire has spent the past 20 years in marketing, both online and offline. She has worked with many large and small organisations, both b2c and b2b. Well-known brands she has worked with include Argos, Which?, Carpetright, Three and Betterware.

Having left agency account management in 2020, where she was running multi-million pound accounts, Claire now brings that experience to any business, large or small. Claire provides an accessible digital marketing consultancy, focused on building strong digital foundations in any business.

Lots of businesses don’t know where to turn when it comes to digital. But the basics of marketing still apply in all online spaces. Many consultants and agencies forget that clients are afraid of the unknown, but still keep the fundamentals hidden from them.

I want to give my clients the knowledge to run their own digital marketing.

Claire Acum, Founder and Consultant, i3t

Starting i3t would not have been possible without help, support and gentle nudges from these people. Thanks go to…

Jacqui Barker at Emotive Resources

Louise Cooke at C4di

Andrew Acum at Mercury Group

Thank you!